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When potholes and ruts develop, also considered low spots in your pavement, they represent significant safety hazards and future financial liabilities for owners and asset managers. Common repair practices include:


Throw and roll which contractors clean the hole, shovel asphalt and compact. This type of repair tends to last less than a year.


Tack and patch which contractors clean the area, install asphalt and compact. This type of repair tends to last longer than throw and roll typically 1-2 years.


Infrared repairs elevate the repair to include reheating, adding asphalt and re-compacting the pavement to create a superior patch lasting 2-5 years depending on application.

Infrared repair technology
Re-heats the pavement to over 300 degrees allowing our skilled team members to rework the existing asphalt. Our skilled technicians add new asphalt pavement to blend with the existing and re-shaping the surface to be smooth with proper slope for drainage. The ending result is a seamless (no saw cutting), economical and quick repair as a first alternative to costly saw cutting / removal / replacement of damaged pavements.


PLM is continuously looking for new team members to strengthen our company regardless of experience.


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