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Women in Construction

PLM is proud to have some amazing women that work for our company and we encourage as many as possible to join our team. Learn more about how women are impacting our community.

Trends in the Pavement – What’s happening you should know about?

PLM monitors the forward growth of the industry and keeps tabs on the market, the engineering science, equipment and more.

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Sustainability in the Asphalt Community

Often people consider asphalt, an oil-based product, to be un-sustainable, but that just isn’t accurate. PLM offers many solutions for sustainability now and in the future and monitors industry changes educating the community through our experienced team.


ADA compliance doesn’t just mean handicapped parking

Understanding ADA compliance is complicated, and to many owners and managers is a huge headache because it is costing you money. It is expensive to rehabilitate a parking lot to make it compliant but can be substantially worse in the case of a lawsuit.


Select more than one if needed.


PLM is continuously looking for new team members to strengthen our company regardless of experience.


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