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How the Upper Midwest Winters Affect your Pavement and Concrete

Do you wonder why your pavement forms potholes and breaks in Winter? Drastic changes in the weather for the Upper Midwest affect your pavement in multiple ways. Late winter and early spring are hardest on pavement due to the fluctuations in temperature.

Freezing and thawing are the biggest problems when it comes to asphalt. When temperatures fall below freezing, asphalt will harden and become more brittle. When it becomes warm, the asphalt becomes more flexible. It is during these times that ice, snow, and water will drain into your pavement through cracks. Then when the temperatures drop again, that water in the pavement will freeze and put pressure on the asphalt, causing it to expand and crack and possibly create potholes. It is the continuing cycle of the freezing and thawing that cause the most issues for asphalt.

Cracks and potholes can be fixed if the underlying asphalt is in good condition. There are different processes in which can be used for the problems. Infrared repair or mill patching can be used to repair cracks or potholes. To repair the damaged area, it will first be cleaned, then we will apply a liquid asphalt glue or tack coat. A new asphalt mix is then applied to the damaged area. We will then have our machines roll over that area to provide a smooth, compact surface with the edges blended to make the area level with the rest of the asphalt.

Patching is a more affordable service compared to reconstruction, so don’t ignore cracks and potholes. Small patching jobs don’t take long and are essential to maintaining your asphalt. If you own a parking lot, do not ignore the potholes as they can cause damage to cars.

Crack Sealing and Sealcoating your asphalt in the summer and fall can help extend the life of your pavement and help protect the asphalt during the freeze-thaw cycles.

Please contact PLM for your asphalt repairs Contact us at 262-691-3964 or email us to request a quote.

Winter Months – What Do We Do

Do you wonder what PLM employees do during our winter months? So, what does Wisconsin get plenty of? Snow! After our Asphalt season has ended our equipment gets prepared for snow plowing and salting. PLM provides these services to businesses in the area.

Our winter months are also spent providing maintenance to our fleet. With all the work PLM does throughout the year, we must ensure that our equipment is operating at the highest capacity. PLM will make every effort make sure all our equipment meets the highest standards for safety.

If the weather allows, we can do small maintenance projects such as patching potholes, and interior concrete repairs.

It is at this time, we begin planning for the start of the Spring Season. As soon as the weather allows, we will begin our Asphalt, Concrete and Sealing.

If you are looking at getting a service from PLM completed during the spring, summer or fall months, it is best to get it schedule as soon as possible as schedules fill up quickly.

Contact PLM at 262-691-3942 or email us to request a quote.


Women in Construction

PLM is proud to have some amazing women that work for our company and we encourage as many as possible to join our team. Learn more about how women are impacting our community.

Trends in the Pavement – What’s happening you should know about?

PLM monitors the forward growth of the industry and keeps tabs on the market, the engineering science, equipment and more.

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Sustainability in the Asphalt Community

Often people consider asphalt, an oil-based product, to be un-sustainable, but that just isn’t accurate. PLM offers many solutions for sustainability now and in the future and monitors industry changes educating the community through our experienced team.


ADA compliance doesn’t just mean handicapped parking

Understanding ADA compliance is complicated, and to many owners and managers is a huge headache because it is costing you money. It is expensive to rehabilitate a parking lot to make it compliant but can be substantially worse in the case of a lawsuit.


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