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How to Stripe a Parking Lot

May 6, 2019

In this how-to article we will review the fundamental steps needed for striping a parking lot. The steps in this guide are directed towards the DIY user for small striping projects. We will include the preparation, supplies, and execution steps needed to paint quality lines for your personal business or home striping project.


First step is to survey the area that you want to paint. Most likely the area will not be clean, we recommend pressure washing to clean the parking lot of dirt and debris. If you do not have a pressure washer that is alright just use a hose. Let the pavement dry completely before applying any paint.

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Once the pavement is finished drying it is time to line up your stencils. You can pick up a set of stencils in either 4” x 18, 8, or 4’ at any local home improvement store. Standard parking spots are approximately 18’ long and 9’ wide. When you have the stencils lined up it is time for paint.

Supplies needed for painting are the desired paint, a line-spray machine or narrow 4” roller. A basic spray machine can be had at a local home improvement store for under $100. Ensure that the paint you are purchasing is specifically labeled for line striping. The main types of paint for line striping are water-based acrylics, solvent based chlorinated rubber, and solvent based alkyd resin. We recommend a water-based acrylic paint for great durability and brightness.


While a roller would work sufficiently, we found the spray cans to be considerably faster. Spray machines have fewer problems with drips/spills, and significantly less bending. Whether you decide on a line-spray machine or a roller, now is the time to execute painting the desired lines. With your desired application method, start painting within the stencils. Be sure to apply additional coats to ensure longevity and visibility.

Our community is a driving factor in the success of our business which is the reason for providing this DIY guide to consumers. However, we recommend having a professional paint the lines for any large or custom project including running tracks, US Maps, or even painting a basketball court on your driveway. We are a leader in the construction and maintenance of Wisconsin’s residential driveways, local businesses, and road and highway transportation routes for over 50 years! Contact PLM today and discuss your custom project needs!

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